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Image by Evie S.


The Sky&Earth Center Of Light is the perfect place to start your healing journey. We offer a variety of healing services, activations, and personal empowerment packages to help you on your path to finding balance and abundance.

  • Activation Package

    Build Your Foundation For Healing. SAVE $150
    • Life Activation
    • Full Spirit Activation
  • Healing Package

    3 Core Healings For Your Healing Journey. SAVE $100
    • Shamanic Aura Healing
    • Soul Retrieval
    • Spark of Life
  • Empowerment Package

    Change Your Life From The Inside Out! SAVE $200
    • Life Activation
    • Full Spirit Activation
    • Empower Thyself Class & Initiation
  • Foundational 3 Sessions

    Theses 3 sessions will get to the core of what we are working with. Save $150 with this package!
    • Ensofic Ray Series
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