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The Modern Mystery School

The Modern Mystery School

The Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light

The Modern Mystery School is an unbroken Lineage, 3,000+ years of oral tradition through the teachings of King Solomon the Wise. In the beginning, the teachings of The Lineage of King Solomon were only available for the select few kept secret from the public for the purpose of keeping these teachings sacred, pure and true. Times are changing and Humanity is ready for the next step of progression. This path is available for those who wish to know the truth and are ready to seek it.

Our mission is World Peace and to assist the ascension of human consciousness through healings, initiations, activations and the 10 Month Universal Kabbalah Program. Providing the tools, teaching and training necessary to remember who we truly are and why we are here through a process called light work.

Through this process our intention is to bring in the next phase of progression for humanity called Shamballah, Heaven on Earth. A place where each and every one of us is able to actualize our unique purpose and to express our true self, living in harmony with our world and beyond.

The Modern Mystery School International upholds local centers all over the world, providing the training necessary for all healing sessions, events, initiations and teachings offered locally through there central headquarters in Toronto, Tokyo, London, Brazil and South Africa.​


Ipsissimus Gudni Gudnason founded the Modern Mystery School to the public in 1997. Coming from a background of a Viking Shaman, Druid Priest, Celtic Medicine man, Egyptian High Priest, Knights Templar, and Kabbalah High Priest, his mission has always been World Peace. Traveling the world to awaken thousands of people to their potential of truth, the possibility of peace, and sharing profound hermetic and esoteric teaching while promoting a life of Joy and Magick.

Our Founder, Gudni Gudnason


Kelsey Trautman

Certified Healer, Teacher & Life Activation Practitioner

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